What is Artikin?

Artikin is a platform of curatorship and creation of content specialized in art.

Who is Artikin intended for?

We believe the experience of art is a privilege for anyone who is open to it; art is for everyone, it is available to whoever wants it. Artikin is for those who wish to experience art in their own time.

What does that actually mean?

The backbone of this project is a mobile app. In the Artikin app, the art shows that are about to end are displayed on top of the list. Several filters customize the guide and a map points out the shows near your current location.

What is the purpose of the app?

Big cities offer a great deal of cultural entertainment. Dozens of exhibitions open every week, but many of them go unnoticed among so many options. This is why we’ve created a guide featuring cherry-picked content. The purpose of Artikin is for you to experience more art.

So, the purpose is to encourage people to visit art shows?

People interested in art have broad goals. Art has the power to change life for the better, and we want you to benefit from that. In our media, we talk about art in a simple and straightforward way. We have an YouTube channel with videos on concepts of art history, we organize expert-guided art tours for small groups and we also put together a freely-distributed printed guide featuring the must-see art events of the month.

How do you choose the shows to be featured in the app?

We have a special interest in new things; that’s why Artikin features new galleries and indie places which are often ignored by other media. Of course we will also feature the calendar of renowned museums and institutions. And your suggestions are always welcome! They contribute a great deal to our agenda.

Which cities does the app cover?

For now, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. Other cities will be added soon — by the way, partners are very welcome! If you feel you can help bring your city into the app, please click here.

How is this project funded?

Our business is to communicate art in a fresh, light and smart way. Art research and curatorship: that’s what we like to do. Little by little we will present new ideas and test new possibilities that might bring financial return. We want to connect with institutions and partners that will help us design new projects, so that you can visit more art shows and learn more about art. Sign up for our newsletter and be the first to know what’s new in Artikin.

Where does the name Artikin come from?

The app is a dynamic agenda that helps you organize your cultural life and reminds you that time is running out. “The clock is ticking… art is ticking”: Artikin – Voilà!

What else do you believe?

We believe art is a source of knowledge about the world and our existence; a source of emotional intelligence. When we admire art, we can produce powerful flows of thought which improve our self-knowledge and self-consciousness. Artikin believes that art empowers people.

Who’s behind Artikin?

So far we are:

Eduardo Biz

Guilherme Brasileiro

code — RCKT
Erika Yumi Tamashiro
Felipe Souza
Pedro Emilio Guglielmo

content edition
Daniela Ejzykowicz
Danilo Augusto da Silva
Paulo Delgado

video production — Brodagem Filmes
Camila Biau
Guilherme Oliveira
Juliana Lemes
Lucas Kakuda

motion design

Samanta Alcardo

special thanks to
Agatha Antunes
André Alves
André Chou
Angélica Bito
Alex Kidd
Clarissa Ximenes
Clara Browne
Damiana Carvalho
David Biz
Doraci Biz
Fernanda Obregon
Francine Kath
Gabriel Prates
Jonny Macali
Julia Oliveira
Lucas Liedke
Luísa Costa
Marcelo Biz
Paulo Bueno
Rafael Barioni
Sabrina Gahyva
directors and friends at Box1824